Fine Art Packing

Fine Art Packing

The safety of your most prized possessions takes the highest priority during the moving process, and your provider of choice for fine art packing and other services is a determinant factor in this. Whether you are a collector of paintings and antiques or own chandeliers, sculptures or portraits, Stuttafords understands the importance of the safe and reliable relocation of these items. Our moving process encompasses everything from planning and scheduling, fine art packing and loading to compiling inventory reports, delivery and unpacking. Our services can be customised to your specific art collection and personal requirements while offering professional consultation and attention to detail every step of the way.

Cartons and crates are unpacked on delivery and items are reassembled, if necessary. Our fine art packing service is based on years of knowledge and experience, guaranteeing skill and care during the entire transportation process. Rest easy knowing that your first step to a change of scenery includes the safety of your art collection – regardless of whether it is a local or international move. Our list of national and global affiliations ensures that Stuttafords Van Lines provides fine art packing and relocation services of the highest standards in South Africa and across the globe.

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Custom specialised packaging for all kinds of arts

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