Packing Materials

Storage Boxes and Bubble Wrap

Stuttaford Van Lines has developed a wide range of cutting-edge packing material to help you pack and carry your belongings with ease. All our cartons are designed to give extra protection to your personal effects while respecting the planet.

Please visit our storage facilities page, for a variety of options to safely store your items with 24-hour security.

Export Carton
340 x 240mm x 350mm

TV Carton
890 x 175 x 775mm

Bubble Wrap

Single Mattress Cover

White Tissue Paper Roll

General Carton
410 x 410 x 450mm

TV Carton
1270 x 175 x 775mm

Protection Blanket 

Double/King Mattress Cover

Packing Bundle

Linen Carton
850 x 520 x 470mm

Book Carton
340 x 240 x 350mm

Trolley Hire 

Plastic Tape

Packing Knife

Wardrobe Carton
510 x 493 x 1000mm

Wrapping Paper 5kg 


Marking Pen

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