Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Stuttaford Van Lines is committed to environmental sustainability. We recognise the impact our business has on the environment and have taken various countermeasures and put in place policies to reduce our activities’ effects.

Stuttaford Van Lines is committed to a policy of environmental sustainability which aims to:

Conserve our natural resources through the use and support of recycled packing materials and the management of waste and debris

Consider the impact upon our environment prior to services or goods being acquired by any department or individual within our company

Regularly review the objectives of this policy and ensure that we are achieving the desired improvements in environmental performance

Minimize risk to our customers, employees and those who come into contact with our job activities

Ensure that environmental laws and standards are adhered to

Encourage staff and supplier involvement through awareness of environmental policies

Prevent pollution

Strive for continual improvement

Some of the measures we take are:

Use of recycled paper products and re-use of waste

Separate bins for paper, plastic, tins and a recycling program or arrangement

Recycling of toners and batteries

Effective and controlled use of appliances (heating, air conditioning, lights etc.) and use of timers and thermostats

Use of electronic communication to avoid paper wastage

    Use of recycled paper products in the purchase of packing materials

    Optimum use of packing materials and avoidance of waste

      Recycling of packing materials (e.g. use of shredded paper in packing or a program to send/sell to recycling facilities)