Stuttaford Van Lines

Transporting a Car

Whether you are transporting your car, boat, motorcycle or recreational vehicle across the world, Stuttaford Van Lines has the experience to get the job done.

Moving your car to a new country can be complicated and time-consuming, Stuttaford Van Lines can assist you with the transportation of your vehicle to and from anywhere in the world. We will advise you on all legal requirements and regulations. Visit our downloads page for all the relevant forms.

Vehicles are shipped in steel containers, firmly secured by straps and wheel chocks. You will also have the option of transporting your household goods along with your vehicle. Vehicle inspection reports are conducted on collection and delivery.

Tips to get your car ready for Transfer

Our moving company will transport your vehicle to it's final destination as requested, but before that can happen, here are 8 things you can do before we come to pick your car up:

  • Wash you car - Clean your car thoroughly to remove unnecessary dust, mud and grime. 
  • Remove clutter inside your car - To avoid having stuff moving around in your car, remove it including air refreshners.
  • Explain any alarm system your car might have - Explain how the alarm system of your car works to avoid having the truck driver needing to deal with it incase it goes off.
  • No need to fill up your tank - Because your car is not gonna be driven but rather be stationary, save money and don't fill up.
  • Check for any leaks - Check for leaks under the chassis and get it fixed to avoid having fuel or fluid drip over other cars on the carrier.
  • Check the state of all your tyres - Tyres that is too much inflated or under-inflated can cause problems during the load. Make sure the pressure is correct.
  • Remove any custom parts from your car - To prevent having any custom-fitted parts damaged during the move, rather remove them.
  • Lock your car


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