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Moving to Canada

Are you looking to relocate to Canada?

Immigrating to Canada can be hassle-free when you rely on Stuttaford Van Lines to take care of the logistics. Whether it is your entire household’s belongings or the heirloom dining furniture, you can rest assured knowing that your property is being handled and moved by industry professionals.

Stuttaford Van Lines clearly defined processes ensure a smooth removal to Canada

Stuttaford Van Lines will provide a well-tailored plan that will act as a guide during your move to Canada. Because we know and understand the stress that can occur as a result of the relocation process, we take the time to plan well in advance. This, in turn, will see your belongings being picked up from their original location and delivered to their intended destination in good time and in the same condition that they left your home.

Start your move by booking a pre-move survey with Stuttaford Van Lines

The process starts with us doing a pre-move survey where we will send a specialist to evaluate the scope of your move. Thereafter, your move co-ordinator will oversee the entire process and act as your point of contact. We will continue to consult with and assist you in the days leading up to you immigrating to Canada. 

From there, we will take care of the packing and loading, which includes carefully selecting the right packaging for each belonging. This will be followed by a detailed, comprehensible inventory and condition report. Finally, we will deliver your belongings to their intended destination and, at your discretion, assist with the unpacking and/or reassembling of your belongings, leaving you to explore your new surroundings or just relax.

Contact Stuttaford Van Lines for your immigration to Canada

These are just some of the conveniences we offer to anyone immigrating to Canada. So why not get in touch with the industry leaders and let Stuttaford Van Lines handle your move. 

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