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Storage facilities

Apart from our removal services, Stuttaford Van Lines also offers short and long-term storage services to businesses and individuals. Our reliable and secure storage solutions will take care of all your treasured belongings and provide to all your storage needs.

Our Storage Solutions


Classic Storage

Store your belongings with confidence! Whatever the size of your items, we can fulfill all your storage needs. With our Classic Storage solution, our team will come to your home and handle the entire storage process for you. This service includes packing and loading your belongings at home before transporting and storing your goods safely within our warehouse.


Self Storage

If you don’t have a big volume to store and you’re able to pack your own items, the self-storage option is perfect for you. Once packed, you can bring your items to our storage warehouse and we will gladly store it safely at our secure storage facility.


Mobile Storage

Our Mobile Storage solution gives you greater freedom to pack your belongings at your own convenience. With Mobile Storage, we’ll deliver a plywood mobile storage unit to your home which you can pack in your own time. Once the unit is fully packed, you can secure it with your own padlock, or purchase one from us, keep your key, and we’ll collect and transport the unit to our storage facility for safe storage.


Do you know about our records Management services? Stuttaford Van Lines also offers archive and records management services.

Stuttaford Van Lines assists companies all over South Africa with their physical and digital records management.


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Pick the storage solution that fits your needs!


Steps Classic Mobile Storage Self-Storage
Packing Optional Optional
Porters Optional
Loading Optional
Optimal Security
Price On Quote
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from 300 ZAR pm
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On Quote
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Why Choose Stuttaford Van Lines?

  • 24/7 Security guards and surveillance cameras.
  • Authorised access needed.
  • Fire and Flood protection
  • Hygrometry regulation system.
  • Regular Pest control maintenance.
Our specific materials
  • We can build personalised crates for your big items.
  • We create specialised packing materials for your biggest and most valuable items including vehicles, arts, piano, etc.
Packing materials
  • Large range of cartons.
  • Personalised moving boxes for your specific items.
  • Moving tools rental (wrapping paper, trollies, etc.)
Modern warehouse
  • 5 000 square meters of storage facilities throughout South Africa.
  • Up to 11 500 standard-size furniture storage pallets.
Skilled and friendly staff
  • Expert staff with years of experience in removal management.
  • Our staff is friendly and happy to assist.
Tracking processes
  • Enjoy the latest state-of-the-art computerised palletisation system to identify and manage your goods within seconds.


 Frequently Asked Questions

You can store with us as long as you want. Our storage facilities are easily accessible, almost like a room in your home.

Payment is monthly, and can be done with either a debit order or an EFT.

With Stuttaford Van Lines you are never alone. Even if you choose self-storage, our staff are always happy to assist you and answer any questions you might have during the storage process. However if you need staff for a more personalised request, like packing or loading your furniture, you can make use of our optional extras. Click here to see our pricing

Your belongings are stored in 7 cubic meters pallet boxes which you can fill up, or ask for another pallet if needed. We have storage cartons in every shape and size. We can also build customised crates, for your special storage requirements to ensure all your belongings fit perfectly into the storage space. Do not hesitate to contact us for expert advice and a detailed price breakdown.

We have a list of items that are forbidden to store, these include:

  • Drugs and
    illegal substances
  • Living creatures
  • Flammable goods,
    including loaded weapons
  • Stolen items
  • Toxic and hazardous material
  • Perishable goods

Your store unit is available to access weekdays, 8am to 4pm. Call us to ensure that we prepare your unit and make it accessible before your arrival.


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