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Moving to the USA

Are you looking to relocate to the USA?

Immigrating to the United States, or any international location, is the epitome of feeling uprooted. In addition to the psychological stress of finding yourself in a completely new environment, you also have to deal with the hassles and logistics accompanying the relocation.

Stuttaford Van Lines helps you make your American Dream come true

Whether you’re planning a permanent move to the USA, moving there temporarily or returning – Stuttaford Van Lines has you covered. Not only do we have a complete understanding of the legal requirements that accompany moving to the US, but we have years of experience in the art. We have developed a range of specialised services that simplify the process, speed up the move and significantly reduce your stress levels.
We’re the oldest removal company in South Africa country, boasting over 150 years of experience. In addition, we have the biggest fleet and branch network in Sub-Saharan Africa, allowing us to deal with all your relocation difficulties – no matter how big.

Our client relationships are our number one priority. Many years in the industry have allowed us to grow into a company that completely understands what our clients want and expect from us. Regardless of whether you are relocating your family to the States, or if you are making a strategic business move, we know exactly what services you’ll need.

Specialised services for a stress-free move

Moving is more than simply shifting household items from one place to another. Seamlessly settling into a new place is about convenience, comfort and familiarity. This is why Stuttaford Van Lines offers a range of services to help you better establish yourself in your new home. From school and home finding assistance, to immigration and visa support, we go the extra mile to ensure that you get all the help you need. We will even arrange for the
transport of your vehicles. For art collectors, we have a service focused on fine art packing that will guarantee the safe transportation and delivery of your prized pieces.

In addition to your most valued possessions and art, moving can be made doubly difficult when your beloved pets are involved. Worrying about the comfort and safety of your companions should never be an issue. Stuttaford Van Lines also offers pet relocation services – we make sure that your beloved companions are well looked after throughout the entire journey.

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