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Moving to Port Elizabeth

Are you looking to relocate to Port Elizabeth?

As one of the most picturesque coastal areas in all of South Africa, more and more people are considering moving to Port Elizabeth to immerse themselves in the Windy City’s lifestyle that is considerably more laid back than inner city living.


Why get the help of Stuttaford Van Lines?

Making a decision to move to a new area is tough enough on its own without having to consider the logistics and difficulties of the actual move. At Stuttaford Van Lines, we understand what a stressful experience moving can be and that’s why we’ve refined and tailored our service to make your move as painless as possible.
Established over 150 years ago, we’re one of the most experienced removal companies in Port Elizabeth with advanced knowledge of the city along Algoa Bay and the challenges it presents to moving. We pride ourselves in offering superb value, whether you’re just moving a few items or the contents of your entire home. By offering a fully scalable moving solution, we’re affordable regardless of how big or small your move is.

How Stuttaford Van Lines can help you with moving to Port Elizabeth

What separates us from most movers in Port Elizabeth is the range of additional services that we offer. Relocating pets can be difficult, especially if you have large dogs or several animals. Our pet relocation service takes this worry off your hands, ensuring your pets reach their destination safely. What’s more, if you need to relocate your vehicle or move valuable pieces of fine art, we have specialised services for these too.

Contact Stuttaford Van Lines for your move to Port Elizabeth

If you’re considering moving to Port Elizabeth, contact us to discover the difference that working with the experts can make.

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