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International Relocation 

For over 150 years, Stuttaford Van Lines has provided international relocation services to its customers, helping them to move and relocate to any destination across the globe. Now, Stuttaford Relocations' assignment and relocation management capabilities provide a complete mobility solution with a whole new range of services. Our innovative mobility service model combines resources, experience and proactive management solutions with a portfolio of services that cater for the entire global assignment and international relocation process.

Management solutions are tailored for each individual assignment by recognising the uniqueness of the international relocation experience to each assignee and their family. Benefits include cost optimisation, reduced stress and proactive and efficient time management. We pride ourselves on analysing individual requirements in great detail in order to deliver customised yet flexible solutions to assist executives and their families.

Our international relocation services includes:

  1. Overview of Services Preview Trip
  2. Area Orientation
  3. Temporary Accommodation
  4. Home Finding
  5. School Find
  6. Settling-in Services
  7. Support Programme
  8. Departure Services
  9. Immigration Services
  10. Household Goods Move Management
  11. Tenancy Management

Overview of Services Preview Trip

  • Pre-departure contact with assignee
  • Country information
  • “Meet and Greet” at the airport
  • Overview of accommodation and schooling options

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Area Orientation

  • Guided tour of the city and suburbs
  • Schools, shopping malls and medical facilities
  • Places of interest and landmarks
  • Maps, area information and guidelines

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Temporary Accommodation

  • Pre-departure sourcing
  • Accompanied viewing
  • Lease and inventory assistance

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Home Finding

  • Location and property research
  • Personalised home viewing
  • Lease and inventory assistance

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School Find

  • Sourcing and viewing according to individual needs
  • Introduction to appropriate school
  • Facilitation of enrolment

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Settling-in Services

  • Utility connections such as telephone/ADSL, water and lights
  • Handyman services
  • Domestic and Au Pair services
  • Safety and security
  • Mobility banking and insurance
  • Local medical facilities and professional services
  • Car rental
  • Furniture rental

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Support Programme

  • Language and cross-cultural training
  • Introduction to social and networking clubs

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Departure Services

  • Termination of lease and collection of deposit
  • Cancellation of utilities
  • Cancellation of contracts

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Immigration Services

  • Permits and visa applications
  • International drivers licences

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Household Goods Move Management

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Tenancy Management

  • Property maintenance such as plumbing, garden and pool services
  • Co-ordination of municipal and other service providers.

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