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Packing Gallery

High packing standards are our priority at Stuttaford Van Lines and are unmatched in quality by any of our competitors. Our experienced packers will carefully pack your household goods to minimise the possibility of any damage to your possessions.


carpet 1
Carpet 2

Carpets are rolled and layered with white paper preventing dirt and grit from penetrating the pile. They are labelled inside and out, securely tied with twine and wrapped in “tuff wrap”.


Clothing 2
Clothing 3

Clothing is hung in wardrobe cartons on hangers and packed fairly tightly, preventing clothing from slippage. Alternatively, clothing is folded and packed into a double walled carton.


Crating 2
Crating 3

Our in-house division makes high quality crates. Items are securely wrapped, while crates are lined with wallboard, cushioned with crumpled paper and sealed with wood cut to size.


Crockery 2
Crockery 3

Crockery is individually wrapped and parcelled together and packed on edge, never flat. Cups are also individually wrapped and placed upright in the carton.


Cutlery 2
Cutlery 3

Cutlery is wrapped in white paper and made up into small parcels, which are then placed into cartons. Our experienced staff will endeavour to keep sets together in the carton.

Fine Art and Sculptures

Fine Art
Fine Art 2
Fine Art 3

Paintings and sculptures are first wrapped in wax paper, then with tuff wrap and then with wallboard. The item is then placed in a custom built closed crate. Fragile Items. All delicate and precious items are carefully wrapped in tissue paper by our experienced team and then placed in one of our double walled cartons.


Glasses 2
Glasses 3

Glasses are individually wrapped in white paper and placed in well-padded cartons in an upright position.


Glassware 2
Glassware 3

Glassware is individually wrapped in acid free white tissue paper. Experienced staff will handle and pack each item with care into tailor-made boxes.

Taking Inventory


The team leader / supervisor will walk with you through the entire property to check your consignment against the inventory.


Transportation 2
Transportation 3

Stuttaford Van Lines has the largest removal fleet in the country. All relocations are supervised and our crews are trained to ensure every item is correctly loaded into the vehicle.

“Pacmat” Protection


Padded upholstery “pacmats”, superior to blankets in terms of shock absorbency, durability and strength, are used in conjunction with blankets on national moves.

Large Fragile Items


Large delicate items are dismantled, if possible and each piece is individually packaged in tuff wrap and then, in wallboard. Crates are custom built for added protection.


Silverware 2
Silverware 3

Items are carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and then in several pieces of white paper for added protection. Special security trunks are available for silverware and other valuables.


Sofas 2
Sofas 3

Upholstered furniture and sofas are wrapped in tuff wrap or wallboard, depending on the type of material.

Grandfather Clocks

Clock 2

Experienced crews will dismantle and pack your clock. In other cases, the pendulum is removed and everything is cushioned in white paper, tuff wrap, wallboard and carefully crated.

Lamps and Lampshades

Lamps 2
Lamps 3

The bulb and shade are removed and placed in a double walled carton. If it doesn’t fit into a standard carton, it will be packed into a carton constructed from double wallboard.

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