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SVL Windhoek reaches tournament quarter finals

Thursday 10 November 2016

Our Namibian branch staff showed off their sensational soccer skills, reaching the quarter finals of the “Battle for All” tournament, hosted by the National Broadcasting Corporation. The team building event was attended by several private sector and government representatives.

Guys playing soccer.

Results were as follows:


Stuttaford vs NBC A  (Won 1 - 0 / Herman Shefeni was the goal scorer)

Stuttaford vs Tourism B (Won 1 - 0 / Paulus was the goal scorer)

Stuttaford vs NSFAF (Won 1 - 0 Paulus was the goal scorer)

Stuttaford vs NBC B (LOST 0 – 1)

Stuttaford vs Trustco (Draw 0 - 0)

Ended 2nd over-all in the group


Quarter finals

Played Ministry of Health

Draw 0-0 after full time play.

Ministry won with penalty kick-out 3-0 .


Although the team lost the final game on a penalty shootout, they still made us proud!

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