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Branch Portrait: Stuttaford Van Lines Windhoek

Friday 05 June 2015

Due to the size of Stuttaford Van Lines’ network, many branches demarcate their regions through nearby towns. For SVL Windhoek, however, their region is defined by Namibia’s borders! We profile SVL’s new Country Manager for Namibia, Zirk Swanepoel, and speak to him about his plans.

In addition to being Stuttaford Van Lines’ sole branch in Namibia, the SVL branch in Windhoek is also distinguished by being the country’s only FIDI Accredited International Mover (FAIM) – a globally-recognised industry benchmark, guaranteeing the premium quality of services.SVL Windhoek

Zirk assumed the position of Country Manager for SVL Namibia in February 2015, responsible for growing both Stuttaford Van Lines’ removals operations in Namibia, as well as Group brand Pro Archives Systemes, which integrates record storage and management solutions.

Coming from a branch management position at a Group removals brand in Durban, Zirk traces his 18 years’ experience in the industry right back to grass roots. After completing his studies, he started off driving trucks for a removals company in the United Kingdom, while on a working holiday there.

Since then, Zirk’s career has seen him becoming intimately acquainted with long-distance removals from the client side as well: he has worked for Stuttaford Van Lines’ group brands in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Durban and now Windhoek.

Arrival in Namibia

Accompanied by his SVL Windhoek Operationswife and three young daughters, Zirk and his family have had a warm reception to Namibia, where he describes the people as friendly and accommodating.

Even so, with Namibia’s 825 000 square kilometres to serve from a single branch – excluding additional cross-border removals into Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa – the tasks at hand are not for the faint-hearted!

Zirk has risen to the diverse new challenges, drawing proactively on even his earliest work experiences. “You basically do everything, from packing to driving. When something is needed, you get it done,” he explains confidently.

He is currently strengthening the SVL Windhoek branch by hiring and training new staff members up to Stuttaford Van Lines’ meticulous standards, and the branch’s fleet is set to receive new vehicles.

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