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SVL now supplying mining industry clients

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Stuttaford Van Lines is pleased to introduce a new brochure profiling our tailor-made services for local and international clients in the mining industry. SVL’s dedicated teams and specialised services ensure that we meet mines’ unique requirements. We invite you to view this brochure online.

While all industries face risk in some form, the mining industry has a significant number of challenges to overcome SVL Miningwhich are completely unrelated to mining itself:

Stuttaford Van Lines traces its roots to 1857 – pre-dating even the famous 1886 Witwatersrand ‘Gold Rush’ – and has therefore had over 150 years to develop the best answers to all these questions and more.

With 13 branches covering Southern Africa, Stuttaford Van Lines is able to deliver flexible removal services wherever mines require them. A specialised team familiar with mines’ requirements has also been established, based at SVL’s Johannesburg office.

“Heritage and experience form a strong foundation for Stuttaford Van Lines. We pride ourselves on proactively building off that base, to respond to clients’ needs with well-informed and integrated removal solutions,” explains Mel Potgieter, SVL Johannesburg’s Branch Manager.

“By working alongside our valued mining clients to develop solutions which are of a clear benefit to not only them but their staff and neighbouring communities, we take a big-picture approach that looks beyond any single removal.”

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View our brochure for mining clients now

To discover SVL’s tailor-made services dedicated to mines’ domestic and office valuables, staff and

documents, please click here to view the brochure online. Alternatively, you can also download it directly as a PDF.







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