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Special Focus: Adding the fun back into removals!

Monday 17 November 2014

We all know that moving can be stressful, and with young children added there is often the perfect recipe for family-sized tension!  As part of Stuttaford Van Lines’ comprehensive approach, however, we think it’s important to get the ‘buy in’ of kids in the moving process, and have developed an interactive children’s book to obtain just that.Story Book

As a value added service, this innovative book will involve the younger members of the family early on in the moving process.  Guided by Timmy the Tortoise, the book illustrates the basics of the removal process, creates some interest and excitement for moving day, and reassures kids of a positive outcome – by sharing the story of various jungle characters that are moving to a new home.

An initial batch of 1000 books has been printed and distributed to Stuttaford Van Lines’ branches across South Africa, and are already making a difference in the lives of our customers with young family members.

“We are very supportive of making any move as easy as possible for families,” explains Rocco Olivier, Stuttaford Van Lines’ National Marketing Manager. “We hope that this book will go a long way towards making it easier for kids to deal with each move, and to ease the stress when their families relocate.”

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