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Moving to New Zealand

Are you looking to relocate to New Zealand?

You’ve done your research and your heart is set on making a temporary move or even immigrating to New Zealand, but now comes the really complex part, moving your household, pets and, potentially, office equipment - all while keeping an eye on the kids and your visa requirements. Moving your home or office is always a stress-filled time because there’s no room for error, but with Stuttaford Van Lines you’re no longer alone in the process.

No matter if North Island or South Island, we’ll take care your belongings arrive safely

Stuttaford Van Lines emerged as the top moving company in the country through the turn of two centuries by becoming a moving partner to each and every individual client. New Zealand is a beautiful country full of space, opportunity and breath-taking scenery, making your decision to relocate there an exciting one, and looking forward to the journey should be all that’s on your mind. Stuttaford Van Lines takes away the strain of an international move by putting you in touch with a complete team of moving experts who are there to handle all of the practical details.

Easy steps for a smooth move

Your moving consultant will come right to your door and make use of years of professional experience to take stock of the unique requirements for your move to New Zealand. They will carry out a free and comprehensive survey, and provide you with a no-obligation quotation. Stuttaford Van Lines offers a single point of contact to ensure that regardless which stage of your move you’re at all the information and updates are received from the same friendly move co-ordinator. Making your relocation process as convenient and transparent as possible is what defines Stuttaford Van Line’s method.

Contact Stuttaford Van Lines for your move to New Zealand

Whether you’re moving a fully-equipped business operation or simply your family to a brand new home, Stuttaford Van Line’s employs teams of specialists able to answer all of your questions on everything from insurance to the transport of delicate works of art. For more information contact us directly or visit our International Move Process section. Immigrating to New Zealand has never been more convenient than with Stuttaford Van Lines – the safest move you can make.

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