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Moving to Australia

Are you looking to relocate to Australia?

With a climate and culture similar to South Africa, more and more people are considering immigrating to Australia, some in pursuit of exciting work opportunities and others wanting to start fresh in a new home. Either way, when considering the realities of relocating your household to another country, it can seem like an almost unmanageable task.

We take care of your move while you get to know the Aussies

As the oldest removals company in Sub-Saharan Africa, Stuttaford Van Lines has taken the strain of moving off of our client’s shoulders for more than 150 years. Our dedication to impeccable service and attention to detail are just two of the reasons why so many South Africans think of us first when planning their move to Australia.

Australia’s temperate climate, stable economy and low crime rate are some of its most attractive features, but it is also an outdoor lover’s paradise, boasting picturesque beaches, aweinspiring plains and some of the world’s most coveted surf spots.
With several modern cities offering well established public transport systems and excellent services, it’s no wonder so many South Africans are considering Australia as a potential new home.

Stuttaford Van Lines makes sure you don’t lose you bearings when moving down under

In an effort to make relocating to Australia as simple and stress-free as possible, we offer a range of additional services that will assist you in the planning process and make settling into your new home much easier. We also have a specialist division that will assist you in finding a new home and new schools and even help with immigration and visa concerns.
One of the most common and pressing concerns for people moving overseas is how to transport their pets safely. We offer a special pet relocation service that will ensure that your pets arrive at their new home safely. If you need to take a vehicle with you, Stuttaford Van Lines has got you covered with our experienced vehicle relocation service.

Contact Stuttaford Van Lines for your move to Australia

Stuttaford Van Lines proudly offers superb value, whether you need to move the contents of a small flat or a multistorey office block, so if you’re planning on immigrating to Australia or moving there for a temporary work assignment, call us for expert advice.

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