Stuttaford Van Lines

Employment Equity & BEE Policy

Stuttaford Van Lines accepts the responsibility of providing increased and improved employment equity through ongoing innovative measures. We guarantee a workplace empty of unfair discrimination and promote employment opportunities to previously disadvantaged groups of people through our Employment Equity Plan. It is noteworthy to highlight that ‘equity’ does not mean ‘equality’ and that the Employment Equity Act was created to ensure that people in the workplace are only different in terms of their ability to perform the required duties. We do not tolerate any discrimination based on race, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

Stuttaford Van Lines furthermore openly embraces the philosophy of Black Economic Empowerment. We accept our responsibility as a market leader to provide increased and improved employment opportunities to historically disadvantaged individuals. We aim to address the imbalances of the past through our unique programme of specialisation and expansion.

Numeric goals have been set in order to achieve equitable representation within each Employment Equity category.

The following procedures have been put in place to promote Employment Equity:

  • To keep all employees informed of the terms and conditions contained in the Employment Equity Act
  • To establish a staff committee representative of all stakeholders
  • To institute an audit of all policies, systems and procedures to ensure no unfair discrimination is present
  • To have in place a review policy ensuring issues affecting workers are addressed and procedures updated accordingly
  • To implement a process to remove any barriers identified within Stuttaford Van Lines
  • To constantly review our Employment Equity Plan

In keeping with this philosophy, Stuttaford Van Lines also recognises the importance of training and involvement in the company. Creating new and better opportunities for our people equates to delivering exceptional service, resulting in the fulfilment of expectations.

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved a Level 6 rating by BBBEE Rating Agency, an independent SANAS accredited BBBEE rating organisation.

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